4:00 am – Take a bus from Valenzuela to Shaw Blvd. 40.00 pesos
5.30 am – Take an FX ride from Shaw (Starmall) to Tanay. 70.00 pesos
7:00 am – From Tanay Market ride a tricycle to Brgy. Daraitan. 100 pesos each. Then you will cross a river and will pay 5.00 pesos. Ride another tricycle from the river to the Registration Hall.
9:00 am – Registration, then after that, start of the climb (yeah, late na kami, wag nyo kaming tularan, alis kayo ng mas maaga)

Registration Fee – 20.00 pesos
Tour Guide – 500.00 pesos

Budget : 700.00 – 1,000.00 (maluwag na yung 1k 👍)



Rain was pouring heavily in Manila while we are on our way to Tanay, Rizal and I am silently praying that it will stop and the sun will shine, hahaha and in my surprise, it works! However the rain made the mountain trails muddy and harder for first timers. ( like most of the member of our group “Tropang Potchie”) Pero okay na yun kesa umuwi kaming luhaan at di nakaakyat 😛

Everyone was excited thinking it will only take us a few hours to reach the summit, (ayaw pa nga maputikan habang naglalakad sa paanan ng bundok) but since the trail is muddy and slippery, it take us 5 hours to summit.


The Summit.

I told my sister, “Ate, ang sarap ng hangin! Kung pwede lang isupot to at dalhin sa Maynila Ginawa ko na! Hahahaha”. I was really inhaling the fresh air. Tirik yung araw pero malamig yung hangin. It was so relaxing that it made me realize, yeah, the climb was worth it, and the view, super worth it.

Kung gano kahirap umakyat, sya ding hirap bumaba. Since the trail is muddy and slippery we are extra cautious in landing our steps, as we dont want to slide down and die after seeing the beauty of sierra madre (we want more! Haha) So extra ingat kami sa pagbaba.

We’ve successfully descended around 8.30pm.. And were home around 12 midnight. Yeah nakakapagod, pero iba yung feeling pag nakarating ka na sa tuktok.. Priceless..

Every Mountain Top Is Within Reach, If You Just Keep Climbing.

Sa susunod na akyat ulet!! 👌